Here at BankMobile, we are committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information, but did you know that you also play a key role in the fight against identity theft and fraud?

To help you minimize your risks while using the Internet and to help keep your identity – both online and offline – secure, please review the following tips to help you protect yourself and your account.

Security Reminder:

BankMobile will Never Call You to Ask for Account Information

BankMobile will never reach out to you to request information about you or your accounts with us. If someone calls you requesting such information hang up and reach out to us immediately. Please also be sure to notify us immediately if you’ve shared information about your account with us to someone calling to solicit or “verify” information about you.

Helping you stay safe and secure

Here are a few more tips you can use to keep your personal and account safe from bad guys:

Step 1Be aware. Review transactions and account balances on a regular basis. Report any discrepancies or suspicious activity to BankMobile immediately.

Step 2Practice good password hygiene. Your banking password should be different from every other password you use. Try 3 groups of words with numbers and symbols like “PurPL3ch!ck3nH0u$e”. Using password managers like SafeInCloud or LastPass can also help by allowing you to securely store a strong and randomized password for use with your most sensitive accounts.

Step 3Use the tools. Use our security tools to make it easier to stay secure while using our banking services. Many other financial institutions offer similar tools for your safety.

Step 4Keep an open eye. Monitor your credit score and check your full credit report regularly. Understanding your report can help you identify fraudulent activity or errors that could hurt your credit score.

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