Here at BankMobile, we are committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information, but did you know that you also play a key role in the fight against identity theft and fraud?

To help you minimize your risks while using the Internet and to help keep your identity – both online and offline – secure, please review the following tips to help you protect yourself and your account.

Avoiding Bank Account Fraud

Fraudsters use new technology combined with old tricks to con millions of people out of their money every year. They achieve this by fooling you into disclosing personal information or by gaining unauthorized access to your accounts. Here are some tips to help you avoid fraud and prevent identity theft.

The following tips will help you protect yourself:

Step 1Review transactions and account balances on a regular basis. Report any discrepancies or suspicious activity to BankMobile immediately.

Step 2Monitor your credit score and check your full credit report regularly. Understanding your report can help you identify fraudulent activity or errors that could hurt your credit score.

Step 3Set up online account alerts. Track account activity real-time to help you to stay in the know about your finances and head off fraudulent activity.

Step 4Don’t give out your personal or account information over the phone or through email. BankMobile will never contact you and ask for account or other confidential information.

Step 5Never use public WiFi or public computers for online banking. This could leave your personal or account information susceptible to a wide range of attacks.

Step 6Use strong passwords. Using a more complex password with a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters makes it difficult for a fraudster to gain access to your accounts.

Recently, phishing campaigns have been targeting students, especially during periods when financial aid funds are disbursed in large volumes. Phishing is an attempt to trick you into disclosing sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, or bank account details. This information can then be used to gain unauthorized access to your accounts. Your electronic banking security is important to BankMobile.

The following tips will help you protect yourself:

Step 1Do not click on links or attachments from senders that you do not recognize. Be especially cautious of .zip or .exe files types.

Step 2Do not provide sensitive personal information like usernames and passwords over email.

Step 3Do not try to open any shared documents that you are not expecting to receive.

Step 4Watch for email senders that use suspicious or misleading domain names.

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